Alan Grassia: Tech Nerd

Dad and I picking up a new iPhone 7 Plus at Apple New Haven.

I have been a long time technology enthusiast with a deep history with Apple, Palm, and Windows devices. I am the author of the Palm Powered(tm) Desk Reference.

I graduated from Capella University with a degree in Information Technology and have been working professionally in the Information Technology field for over twenty-five years.

Allegedly, I am a Diet Coke addict. Occasionally I refurbish old Macs, Newtons, and dabble with Ubuntu Linux. If you must know, my current smartphone is an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, however, that is subject to change annually in the fall.

In my professional career as an Information Technology manager, I often work with Apple devices, Microsoft Windows, Windows Server and Active Directory, Microsoft 365, OpenText Content Server, Enterprise Connect and ECM Everywhere, VMware vSphere, and Dell PowerEdge, Latitude, and Optiplex hardware.

Views and opinions shared on this website are my own.

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